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How do I become a member of USA Talk Now?
To become a member, simply click on Join Now and fill in the contact information we need. You will receive a short questionnaire to complete and return. If you are eligible for membership and complete the registration process, you are a member.
Who is eligible for membership?
You must be a United States of America resident who is 18 years of age or older and you must use your actual contact information.

I live outside the USA, can I become a member?
Membership is limited to US residents so members have current, first-hand knowledge of the products, services and issues in the US marketplace.
Is there a cost to join?
No. There is no charge to become a member of USA Talk Now.
What are the benefits of becoming a member?
USA Talk Now members make a difference by participating in a diverse range of online surveys and sharing their opinions and preferences on a wide variety of topics. This information helps shape the decisions our business leaders are making.
Members invited to complete online surveys will be rewarded with cash, gift certificates or free product.
Members have the opportunity to learn more about what other Americans think and how they feel about a variety of subjects by participating in USA Talk Now polls and online focus groups.
What is expected of members?
We expect our members to honestly answer the questions they are asked. We will endeavor to invite you to participate in surveys you qualify for and are interested in but you are not expected to complete all of them. We also hope you would Tell a Friend if you like being a member of USA Talk Now.
Will you sell my email address?
No, we never sell our members' email addresses. We are committed to respecting your privacy. For more information on how we use the personal information members share with us, please see our Privacy Policy.
Will my information remain confidential?
All the information members provide to USA Talk Now remains completely confidential on our secure server. No personal information is shared with a third party without the memberís prior consent. For more information the treatment of personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.
Can I discontinue my membership at any time?
Yes. You may discontinue your membership and have all your personal information deleted by sending an email to requesting your name and personal information be deleted from our files.


Why do I need to complete a personal profile questionnaire to become a member?
We need your personal profile information to match the surveys we send to your interests, characteristics (age, gender, etc), geographic location and technology use (internet access, etc). Member profiles also help us create a panel of members that represent the market segment to be studied.
Will you confirm my membership?
Yes. You may expect a telephone call to confirm your membership 1 Ė 2 weeks after you submit your personal profile questionnaire.
How can I update my membership information?
You may update your personal information by sending an email to outlining the changes you wish to have made.

USA Talk Now Polls

Do I need to be a USA Talk Now member to complete a USA Talk Now poll?
No. Any visitor to the USA Talk Now website may complete a USA Talk Now poll and see the results.

Survey Participation

Where are the surveys? I canít find them on the website.
USA Talk Now does not post open surveys on our website. Participation in surveys is by invitation only. We use the information gathered during registration to match members and the criteria for each survey on a case-by-case basis.
How do I know when I have been selected to participate in a survey?
We will send you an email invitation if you are selected to participate in a survey. The email message will contain information about the study and a link to the online survey. If you choose to participate, you can access the survey by clicking on the link or copying the survey URL found in the invitation and pasting it into your browser.
Does every member get invited to participate in each survey?
No. We strive to match members to each surveyís requirements so the surveys are relevant to the member and the survey results are more meaningful to our clients.
What if I donít want to participate in a particular survey?
We hope you will want to participate in all survey invitations, but there is no obligation to do so. We may send reminder emails in case you have simply forgotten to complete a survey. For all invitations, it is your choice to participate or not participate.
Who will see my survey answers?
Your survey answers are not analyzed on an individual basis. USA Talk Now and its clients always view your information using an anonymous, summarized format to protect your identity and privacy. Your personal information will never be revealed with the data without your prior consent. Please see our Privacy Policy.
What do you do with the survey data?
Summarized survey data is used by leading businesses to better understand the American consumer and marketplace and to help them make informed business decisions. For example, survey data may be used to evaluate customer satisfaction, acceptability of new packaging, awareness of various advertisements, new concept testing or public opinion on a variety of issues. Thus, your information helps shape the decisions American business leaders are making.
Does USA Talk Now provide incentives for participation in surveys?
Yes. Members invited to complete online surveys will be rewarded with cash, gift certificates or free product. The incentive offered may vary from survey to survey depending upon the nature of the survey and its length. In most cases, incentives are forwarded to the memberís mailing address within 2 Ė 4 weeks of completing the survey.

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Join USA Talk
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