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 Paint Stick Snowman

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PostSubject: Paint Stick Snowman   Mon Nov 30, 2009 3:11 pm

-1 paint stick (yield 2 ornaments)
-Craft paint (black, white, red, orange (optional))
-Scrap fabric or ribbon for scarf - 1/4" x 7" for each
-Hot glue gun or craft glue
-Thread, fishing line, DMC floss

1. Cut paint stick into two 5-1/2" long. Use the remaining length of wood to cut 2 hat brims (appx 1/4" x 2").

2. Paint top 1-1/4" of each 5-1/2" piece (a.k.a. snowman) black; paint the hat brims (1/4" x 2") black. Paint remaining portion of the snowmen body white. Allow paint to dry.

3. Using a hot glue gun or craft clue, glue hat brim to snowman covering where the black and white paint meet. Allow glue to set.

4. Using a small paint brush or toothpick, add eyes and mouth (black), nose (red or orange) and buttons (red hearts or circles, or use real buttons).

5. Using a very small drill bit, drill a hole in the top of your snowman‚s hat (1/4 " down from top edge, centered) to string your tread for hanging.

6. Tie the fabric or ribbon scarf around the snowman‚s neck ˆ secure with glue if needed.

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Paint Stick Snowman
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